Swinhoe Pheasants

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Start raising the Swinhoe pheasant birds you’ve always wanted here at Stromberg's Chickens. Our collection of Swinhoe Pheasants stands out among other pheasants, showcasing the unique charm of this species.

Juvenile Swinhoe Pheasants

Our juvenile Swinhoe pheasants are a marvel to observe. Younger than a year, they exhibit dark blue plumage with brown and yellow patterns, evolving into stunning adults with distinct red legs and tail feathers. These changes highlight the uniqueness of Swinhoe's pheasant compared to other birds.

Breeding Brilliance of Swinhoe's Pheasant

Swinhoe's pheasants undergo remarkable changes during the breeding season, from March to May. The males, known for their white nape and red wattles, become more pronounced, enhancing their striking appearance. This period is crucial for the propagation of Swinhoe's pheasants, adding to the diversity of pheasants.

The Mature Swinhoe Pheasants

Adult Swinhoe pheasants are a sight to behold. The males, with their blue-purple chests and white tail feathers, and the females, with their intricate gray and goldish-brown plumage, exemplify the species' beauty. Their red legs are a distinctive feature that sets Swinhoe's pheasants apart from other pheasants.