Reeves Pheasants

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Welcome to Stromberg's Chickens, where we specialize in the majestic Reeves pheasants, a bird species named after the British naturalist John Reeves. These pheasants, known for having the longest natural tail feathers among birds, are a sight to behold in any aviary setting.

Exquisite Features of Reeves's Pheasant

The Reeves's pheasant is distinguished by its vibrant plumage and impressive size. Males display a striking combination of white, black, and chestnut brown, with their standout feature being the longest natural tail feather, which can extend up to 84 inches.

They also have distinctive grey legs, adding to their unique appearance. The females, with their more subdued hues, complement the males' vibrant display.

Tail Plumes and Habitat Requirements

The tail plumes of the Reeves's pheasant are their most remarkable feature, particularly during the breeding season when they are most vibrant. These birds require spacious environments to thrive and exhibit their natural behaviors.

Their diet is similar to that of standard pheasants, and we offer all the necessary supplies to maintain their health and vitality.

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Embark on a unique journey by getting to know this hardy bird. Reeves pheasants offer a mesmerizing experience, whether for breeding or simply for the joy of observing their magnificent beauty.

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