Silver Pheasants

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Discover the Elegance of silver pheasants at Stromberg's Chickens! Our selection of silver pheasants, native to Southern China and Mainland Southeast Asia, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of exotic birds.

Each silver pheasant pair in our collection is a testament to the beauty and diversity of these magnificent creatures.

Unique Characteristics of the Silver Pheasant

The silver pheasant, known for its remarkable size variations, showcases males of the largest subspecies with lengths up to 125 cm, including an impressive tail. Females of the silver pheasant are notably smaller, maintaining the species' distinctive size disparity.

This difference in size between male and female silver pheasants adds an intriguing dynamic to their appearance.

Breeding and Growth Patterns

Our silver pheasants are not only visually stunning but also fertile from their first year, offering potential for breeding. The full coloration of a silver pheasant takes about two years to develop, making the journey of growth a fascinating process to observe.

Additionally, the distinct red legs of the silver pheasant add to their striking appearance.

Get started in the world of silver pheasants today!