1202E Classic Sportsman Cabinet Incubator w/preset Electronic Thermostat

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The GQF circulated air cabinet incubators use the same principle that is used by large commercial hatcheries. They allow successful hatching of large quantities of eggs with ease, through automatically turning eggs in a controlled environment.


With 3 wire turning trays, plastic hatching drawer, and an easy view door, this is a great starter cabinet incubator. Same size and capacity as the 1502 Sportsman but with less automation for reduced cost. Features mechanically timed automatic egg turning, rugged dial thermometer/hygrometer, and a new multi-turn analog electronic thermostat system. Plastic board construction makes the cabinet better insulated, quieter, and easier to clean. Capacity: 1368 Quail Eggs, 354 pheasant eggs, 270 chicken eggs, 198 turkey or duck eggs, and 36-45 larger eggs such as goose, peafowl, and emu. Actual capacity may depend on egg size.Includes: 1 hatching drawer, Easy view door, Instructions110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 W. TUV Listed. To keep eggs stable on the wire turning tray, don't forget your plastic egg racks (sold separately). Holds 6 egg racks.


  • 18.20 x 30.30 x 32.90 inches