Red Fantail Pigeons

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Dive into the world of avian beauty with our Red Fantail Pigeon. These exquisite birds, known for their vibrant hues and distinctive fan-shaped tails, are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your loft. Unlike different breeds, our Fantail Pigeons boast a unique charm.

Ideal for loft living, these flying birds thrive in spacious environments, allowing their personalities and beauty to flourish.

Age and Availability

Our Fantail Pigeons range in age from 3 to 18 months, ensuring you receive a healthy, vibrant bird. While we take orders throughout the season, availability doesn't guarantee immediate shipment. Your order is placed in line for the next available shipment of these majestic pigeons.

Rest assured, you will be informed about your pigeon shipment date via email. This process ensures that every customer receives their feathered friend in the best condition.

Options for Your Preference

We understand the diverse needs of pigeon enthusiasts. That's why we offer our Fantail Pigeons in various options: as pairs or individually as males or females. This flexibility allows you to choose the best fit for your aviary or breeding program.

Plus, our red fantail pigeons' sexing guarantee covers up to 6 weeks from delivery, giving you peace of mind about your selection of these birds with their elegant tails.