Splashed Fantail Pigeons

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Discover the beauty of Splashed Fantail Pigeons at Stromberg's Chickens, a perfect choice for both novice and seasoned pigeon fanciers. These pigeons are not just birds; they're a spectacle of grace and elegance.

Splashed Fantail Pigeon: A Unique Breed

The Splashed Fantail Pigeon, distinct from the Indian Fantail variety, is a marvel in the pigeon world. Known for their expansive tail feathers and striking appearance, these fantail pigeons are a far departure from their wild counterparts. They are an exhibition breed, often featured in pigeon shows.

Breeding and Care

Fantail pigeons, including the Splashed variety, are sexually mature at 6 months. They lay two eggs per clutch, with about six clutches per year and an incubation time of 18 days. This prolific breeding makes these pigeons an excellent choice for those interested in expanding their aviary collections. Weighing between 14-18 ounces, these pigeons are neither mated nor banded upon purchase.

Availability and Ordering Process

Our Splashed Fantail Pigeons are available as pairs, males, or females, ranging in age from 3-18 months. When ordering, please note that availability does not imply immediate shipping. Your order will be placed in line for the next available shipment, and you will be notified of your shipment date via email. We guarantee sexing accuracy of these pigeons up to 6 weeks from delivery.


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    5 stars product

    by SAMEER SHAMEER on Jan 28, 2024

    Very good

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    Love mine

    by Diane on Feb 20, 2023

    I bought a single female about one year ago. Shipping was expensive but perfect. My baby arrived healthy and well hydrated. She is a beautiful addition to my mixed breed flock!