Blue Andalusian Hatching Eggs

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Blue Andalusian Chicken Eggs

Stromberg's Chickens lets you dive into the world of raising the remarkable Blue Andalusian chicken. Here’s why these birds are so special:

A Glimpse of Spanish Beauty

The blue Andalusian chicken is a single comb, clean-legged marvel that originated in the heart of Spain. Their distinct blue color makes them a standout, with their striking plumage resembling the vivid hues of blue birds soaring in the skies.

Natural Free-Range Stars

Blue Andalusians truly excel in free-range environments. These birds love to forage and roam, making the most of open spaces. Their non-broody nature ensures that they are always on the move, exploring their surroundings.

Impressive Egg Production

When it comes to blue Andalusian chicken eggs, expect nothing short of large, chalk-white gems. These birds are not only good layers, but their eggs are a testament to quality and size. Weighing in at a healthy 5.5 lb. for females and 7 lb. for males, blue Andalusian chickens are the perfect combination of beauty and productivity.

Experience the magic of blue Andalusians firsthand. Bring home these Spanish treasures and let their blue hue and exceptional egg-laying capabilities enhance your poultry experience.