Green Queen Bantam Hatching Eggs

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Add variety and individuality by hatching out your own Green Queen Bantam chicks. As Green Queens are a hybrid, the chicks you hatch may present with a variety of traits, such as feathered legs, crests, muffs, or even silked, wispy feathers. Eggs from these pint-size beauties will be mostly green, but can also be tan. Green Queen Bantam Hatching Eggs you receive will vary in color but primarily a light tan or cream as shown in the last picture.

This breed is a hybrid. Hybrids are created by crossing two different parents and will not breed true. Crosses are generally created for vigor and production qualities, but also for desired traits such as egg color or feather patterns. Meyer Hatchery does not disclose what breeds we use to create our designer breeds as that is considered proprietary knowledge.

We guarantee that your eggs will arrive unbroken, but will not guarantee your hatching success because of the many variables with shipping, incubating, and hatching. Breakage must be reported upon arrival.