Assorted Silkies Bantam Hatching Eggs

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Assorted Silkies Bantam Hatching eggs will be cream in color. Silkies are super sweet and are a perfect introductory breed or for flocks that will be tended by young children. While Silkies won’t lay as many eggs as other bantam breeds, they will make up for it in many other ways. Need a hug? Pick them up and carry them around. They’re heat tolerant and do tend to go broody.

Available Silkie colors include white, black, buff, and blue (BBS). Our strains include bearded and non-bearded but they’ll all have the distinctive Silkie feathers, black skin, and walnut comb.

We guarantee that your eggs will arrive unbroken, but will not guarantee your hatching success because of the many variables with shipping, incubating, and hatching. Breakage must be reported upon arrival.