White Cochin Hatching Eggs

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Embark on an exciting journey of poultry keeping with our White Cochin Hatching Eggs from Stromberg's Chickens. These eggs offer an exceptional opportunity to raise White Cochins, a feather-legged variety known for their amiable nature and robustness.

Unique Characteristics of White Cochin

White Cochin chickens are a single-comb variety originating from China. They are adorned with an abundance of feathers, adding to their ornamental value. Known for their friendly disposition, White Cochins are a delight to have around. Their feathered legs and cold hardiness make them stand out among other breeds.

Excellent Brooding and Maternal Qualities

White Cochin hatching eggs are renowned for producing birds with excellent maternal instincts. Cochins are wonderful mothers, often used to brood other birds' eggs due to their nurturing nature. Raising chicks from our Cochin hatching eggs provides an enriching experience as you witness the development of these caring and protective birds.

Egg and Bird Specifications

The hatching eggs of White Cochins are brown, and adult birds grow to a considerable size, with males weighing around 11 lbs and females approximately 8.5 lbs. Their purpose is largely ornamental, making them a beautiful addition to your flock.