Eco Stainless Steel Plucker

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Our stainless steel plucker is equipped with wheels for easy transport and vibration adsorption. It includes a water spray ring and large plucker fingers allowing for quick feather release. The waterproof switch is easily activated by simply pressing the button.

These units are hand made which means some scratches and small dents can be expected on your product, these will not effect the performance of your machine.

  • Wateresistant oversized switch is easy to use.
  • Stainless steel material prevents rusting and corrosion.
  • Easy to move with built in caster wheels and two handles built in.
  • With the water ring and garden hose hookup installed the unit cleans itself as you are plucking.  The feathers wash right down to the feather chute.

Eco Stainless Steel Plucker (1-2 Chickens plucked at a time)

  • 106 Plucker Fingers
  • Diameter: 19½
  • Drum depth: 15"
  • 240 RPM
  • 1500W. 120V.