1500 Profesional Incubator

1500 Profesional Incubator

Product No. INC1500

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The 1500 Professional Incubator is a setting incubator designed to be used with the 1550 hatcher. This incubator is similar to the 1502 but doesn't have a hatching drawer. Three days before the scheduled hatch move eggs into the 1550 Hatcher. This will keep the 1500 clean of hatching debris, and ready to go for your next egg setting. Up to three 1500's can be used with the 1550 Hatcher for weekly production of chicks from the laying flock. NEW features include: digital thermostat with LCD display of temperature and humidity, audio/visual alarms and the standard easy view door. You will need to use plastic egg racks to hold the eggs stable on the wire turning tray; these racks are not included. Total Capacity with plastic trays: 744 quail eggs (1488 if racks double stacked), 354 pheasant or bantam eggs, 288 chicken eggs, and 216 duck or turkey eggs. Ships in one box.
110 volt AC/ 242 watts/2.2 Amps. Ships in one box.

The Incubator includes:
- 1 digital command center thermostat
- 3 wire turning trays
- 1 humidity pan w/ 2 wick pads
- 1 each, paper sample egg rack for Quail & Chicken/duck
- Instruction Booklet

Note: Preset thermostats can not be used for ratite or reptile eggs