Rcom Maru Deluxe Max 1000 incubator

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The RCOM Maru Deluxe Max 1000 Cabinet Incubator has cutting-edge incubation technology that gives you control of all the aspects of incubation. You can place a tube into a distilled water container and let the incubator automatically fill the reservoir, and monitor humidity with the built-in humidity pump. Combined with precision temperature control and turning, which makes for an excellent investment for poultry farms.


    • Fits approximately 768 chicken eggs
    • Push-button dial allows for easy adjustment of features - Temperature, Humidity, On/Off, Turning Interval, and Adustable Turning Angle
    • Alarms to ensure hatching success - Hi/Lo Temperature, Humidity, Door Open, Out of Water
    • Easy to set humidity and temperature. Temperature and Humidity sensors are provided by Sensirion Swiss, a leading manufacturer of environmental sensors
    • Easy view-door with LED Light
    • Door sensor alarms to ensure your door are closed
    • High-Density Foam with plastic coating provides excellent lifespan and insulation
    • Integrated humidity pump & humidity control means you get reliability and accuracy built-in.
    • Four fans for increased airflow and temperature stability
    • Adjustable egg racks included
    • Ready-to-use right out of the box
    • Water reserve tank not included
    Eggs Per Egg Rack Per Style  
Bird Rack Capacity Species Specific Universal
Chicken 16 768 576
Duck 16 480 368
Quail 32 3968 3200
GoosePesant/Chuckar 16 944 752
Goose 16 480 288

This egg incubator is a combination of effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience.

For more detailed information - Rcom Maru Deluxe User Manual

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  • 36.00 x 37.10 x 39.10 inches