Rcom Pro 50 DO Incubator

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Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators, the new Rcom Pro 50 DO incubator will be your true partner in life when it comes to the incubation of even the most precious and valuable eggs.
Some of the main functions include:

  • Outer temperature sensor included for automatic adjustment of heating rate responding to incubation room temperature.

  • Superior design with convenient operation

  • Optimum air circulation technique with 3 strong BLDC fans

  • Automatic temperature & humidity setting and control

  • Antiblastic humidification method by heating water, which discourages bacterial growth

  • Double-glazed view window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature

  • Artificial intelligence automatic mode for specific species. This incubator can be set for your particular species. This will enable the incubator to adjust the temperature, humidity and egg turning completely automatic from beginning to end. This fully automatic feature can be overruled if you prefer to manually set the incubator per your preferences. 

  • Built in candler for convenience

  • Dial based control panel to easily change settings

 The Rcom Pro 50 DO comes with three egg trays: quail, chicken, and goose size


  • 8.60 x 21.10 x 27.10 inches
  • Capacity: Hen: 48, Quail: 116, Goose: 25