Economy Auto Hog Ringer

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Discover the efficiency of our hog ringer at Stromberg's Chickens for cage building and maintenance. This tool is designed to streamline this task for bird and game bird enthusiasts.

Versatile and Heavy-Duty

Every serious birdkeeper needs a tool that stands the test of time. Our heavy-duty hog ringer tool is meticulously designed for longevity, ensuring you can focus on your feathered friends without worrying about cage repairs.

Automatic Feed for Convenience

Gone are the days when cage repairs were tedious. With an auto-feed for hog rings, our hog ringer guarantees you can fix cages swiftly. The automatic feeding ensures you don't fumble around with your hog rings while securing your cages, making every repair smooth and hassle-free.

Perfect for Various Applications

Beyond cage repairs, our hog ringer tool is ideal for a range of applications. Whether you're building a new cage or reinforcing an existing one, this tool, paired with our hog rings, will make the job infinitely easier.

Get the Right Tool for Effective Hog Rings

We believe in the quality and efficiency of our hog ringer. Experience our specially designed tool's unparalleled convenience and durability and make cage repairs a breeze.

Dive into the world of stress-free cage maintenance with Stromberg's Chickens.


  • 2.30 x 7.20 x 8.40 inches