Automatic Waterer/Trough

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Whether you’re looking for a portable or permanently mounted solution for your birds, our automatic waterer has you covered. The outlet is made of copper, which allows for a long-lasting life.

You will save time using this clean and sanitary trough to supply clean water for your flock continuously. No need to worry about having to water your birds with these helpful tool!



  • Built with copper for durability
  • Float-valve system to maintain the water level
  • Easy to install the trough and its components
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for other animals and pets, including dogs and cats

No more emptying and scouring stagnant water tanks or replacing faulty floats anymore. Your birds can have clean, cool water regardless of the weather.


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Automatic waterers must be of high quality to ensure your birds get the hydration they need when you’re not present. That’s why Stromberg’s Chickens ensures our automatic water troughs are made with high-quality materials.


  • 5.70 x 7.60 x 7.80 inches