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Stromberg's proudly offers the green-winged dove, also renowned as the common emerald dove or Asian emerald dove. Known for its captivating bright emerald green back and wings, this is a widespread resident breeding bird across the tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

The green-winged dove, alternatively referred to as the grey-capped emerald dove or green-winged pigeon, showcases a distinctive dark vinous pink head and underparts, contrasting beautifully with its green plumage.

The male is easily identified by its grey crown and the white patch on the shoulders, a feature absent in the female. Immature birds resemble females but are distinguished by brown scallops on their body and wing plumage.

Breeding Habits and Dietary Preferences

During breeding season, the capped emerald dove sees the male performing an intricate bobbing dance, displaying its vibrant green plumage to attract a mate. Their nests, usually constructed from twigs, highlight their role as dedicated parents in the avian world.

The diet of this green-winged pigeon consists of various seeds and fruits, though they can eat feed like other typical fowl. Their soothing call, a soft moaning coo, adds a tranquil ambiance to their habitat, further emphasizing the serene beauty these birds bring to their surroundings.

The emerald dove is known for being good parents and breeds well in small cages and large aviaries!

Do not house with ring-neck doves. 10" in length.

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