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Discover our selection of Cuckoo Maran chicks, a fascinating breed with roots in France. Cuckoo Marans are not just any chickens; they're an embodiment of beauty and functionality, known for their unique feather patterns resembling an irregular barred design.

Remarkable Features of Cuckoo Marans

Cuckoo Marans are not just attractive but are dual-purpose birds. They are outstanding egg-laying birds, producing over 180 dark brown eggs annually. These aren't just any eggs; Cuckoo Marans are renowned for laying extremely dark brown eggs that are a sight to behold.

The egg size is large, ensuring you get more value for each collection. Beyond their egg production, these birds are also fantastic meat birds, with females weighing around 7 lbs and males at a whopping 9 lbs.

Temperament and Other Attributes

These birds have an active temperament, ensuring your backyard or farm stays lively. Their broodiness is variable, so you might find some ready to mother their offspring while others might not. When it comes to availability, you can find not-sexed, male, or female Cuckoo Maran chicks ready for purchase.

Ready to Start Your Cuckoo Marans Journey?

Ordering from Stromberg's Chickens means you're securing healthy chicks for your coop. While the availability of an item doesn't mean immediate shipment, rest assured your order is queued for the next available batch. And remember, nature loves variety, so anticipate some color variation among your chicks.

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