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Dive into our unique selection at Stromberg's Chickens and meet the sensational Olive Egger chicks. Revered for their enchanting olive-colored eggs, these birds are truly a gem for enthusiasts.

Olive Egger: The All-American Beauty

Originating from the U.S., the Olive Egger is more than just a pretty face. With a good disposition, they're non-aggressive and are known to be heat hardy. A perfect addition to your backyard chickens! Olive Eggers are not only active in temperament but are also prolific layers, promising a delightful bounty for poultry lovers.

Olive Egger Highlights

  • Egg Production: Expect 180-200 eggs per year
  • Egg Shell Color: Olive Green
  • Egg Size: Medium-Large
  • Temperament: Active
  • Broody: Non Setter
  • Physical Traits: Males- 6.5 lbs, Females-  5.5 lbs.
  • Availability: Whether you're looking for non-sexed, male, or female Olive Eggers, we've got you covered. While our live chicks are dispatched as soon as they hatch, availability doesn't imply immediate shipping. Orders are shipped as soon a possible.

Bring the Charm of Olive Green Eggs Home!

Ready to receive beautifully colored eggs and start raising new chicks? Lay eggs that mesmerize with the Olive Egger, and enhance your collection today. An email confirmation with your shipment date ensures you're always in the loop.

Add the charismatic Olive Egger to your coop and celebrate the wonder of olive green in every basket!

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