Wonder Grubs Black Soldier Fly Larvae


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Engage the super strength of Wonder Grubs!

Your flock and critters naturally love insects. Treat them with their favorite snack. They'll love the flavor, and you'll feel confident that it's filled with the nutrition they need.

Wonder Grubs Calcium Craze is naturally fortified with protein, calcium, healthy fat, phosphorus, and lysine to promote stronger eggshells and a SUPER FLOCK! 

Contains 5 lbs of Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae


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  • 5.60 x 9.00 x 16.00 inches
  • Calcium - 1.4-4%
  • Crude Fat - 30% Min
  • Lysine - 2% Min
  • Phosphorus - 0.5% Min
  • Moisture - 3-7%
  • Crude Fiber - 9% Max
  • Protein - 34% MIn


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    Great Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    by Derek on Oct 16, 2023

    Have tried other brands and they didn't have the quality that I have found with Wonder Grubs. Have also found that others 5 lbs bags were less quantity than Wonder Grubs. Amazing value.