Flying Mallard Duck Eggs

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The Mallard is a celebrated wild duck variety, commonly spotted in serene water bodies. Many enthusiasts raise mallard ducks for hunting clubs, decoration, or as delightful pets. While the female mallard gracefully weighs around 2 lbs, her male counterpart stands slightly heavier at 3 lbs.

The Majestic Mallard Duck and Their Eggs

We're excited to offer our customers the chance to nurture these majestic creatures right from the beginning with our mallard duck eggs. These eggs, laid diligently in a mallard nest, are the first step in witnessing the life cycle of baby ducks.

Nesting mallards choose the most protected nesting sites, ensuring their eggs are safe and ready for the journey ahead. These are not just any eggs but a token of the exquisite journey of raising mallard ducks nest inhabitants.

Important Ordering Details

Upon ordering, you'll be integrated into our season's line-up. Though we ensure the mallard duck eggs are fresh and of the highest quality, hatching them comes with its unique challenges. Their fate post-shipping is beyond our control, and as such, we cannot guarantee the hatching outcome. However, we remain dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best product.


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