Peck n' Grow

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Boost hatchling development with Peck n' Grow! Stromberg's Chickens offers only the best supplies for your feathered friends. We believe every vulnerable and valuable hatchling deserves the best start in life. That’s where our Peck n' Grow supplement comes in.

The Immediate Nutritional Need

From the moment your little ones arrive, Peck n' Grow offers all the essentials they crave. Birds are instinctively drawn to this supplement. Just spread it on the brooder floor and watch the birds' curiosity drive them to explore. A few pecks later, they're hooked!

What's Inside Peck N' Grow?

The magic of our 28oz Peck and Grow lies in its robust formula. Enriched with water, nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, probiotics, and vitamins, our Peck n’Grow ensures every chick gets a well-rounded dose of goodness. When you opt for this product, you're investing in a supplement that's been tailor-made to benefit each chick.

Simple to Use

To make it even easier for bird enthusiasts like you, our Peck n' Grow comes in a special package designed for 100 chicks. Mixing with water is a breeze. With our 28oz Peck and Grow, you've got the perfect quantity to ensure your chicks thrive.

Improve Hatchling Development Now

Take action now and watch your chicks flourish with Peck n' Grow. Give them the nourishment they instinctively seek and see them grow into healthy, vibrant birds.