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Hailing from England, the Speckled Sussex is a remarkable representation of the Sussex chicken breed. As a single, clean-legged variety, Speckled Sussex chickens carry a legacy of being incredibly cold and hardy, making them a staple for backyard chickens in colder climates.

Traits and Temperament

Known for their active and curious nature, the Speckled Sussex temperament ensures they're always on the move, making them perfect for free-range environments. These birds truly stand out not just in appearance but also in their roles.

As dual-purpose birds, they are versatile – great as meat birds and equally impressive in egg production, laying a generous 180-240 large, light brown eggs each year. Whether you're interested in a Speckled Sussex rooster, Speckled Sussex hen, or even the delightful Speckled Sussex hens, they all encapsulate the spirit of raising chickens with vigor.

What to Expect

With the males weighing around 9 lb and females at 7 lb, these birds fit perfectly into the domestic environment for chicken keepers. The Speckled Sussex chicken is a brilliant choice for those who value function and form in their flock.

Start Raising Your Own

Once hatched, we ensure your order is placed in line for the next available shipment, keeping you updated every step of the way. Note that color variations in the Speckled Sussex may occur, adding to their unique charm.

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