Baby Chick Waterer with Float Valve

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Enhance the well-being of your chickens and other poultry with this innovative compact drinking bottle. The cleverly designed small drinking cup ensures that the cup remains dry until an animal decides to drink. This closed water system guarantees a constant supply of clean water, making it a highly hygienic solution. Plus, the included standard galvanized mounting bracket allows for quick and effortless assembly on any accommodation. Invest in this practical and efficient drinking bottle to provide your poultry with the best care possible. The animals peck the yellow clapper, which controls the nipple. This way the cup gets filled with water which the animals can then drink. Direct contact between the water and the animal is impossible. The water stays fresh for a longer period of time and contains no harmful bacteria. The use of the clapper requires the animals to practice a bit. This makes the system less suitable for day-old chicks. Focus point during the practice is to make sure the animals take in sufficient amounts of water. As soon as the animals know the system, they will drink plenty of water. 

  • Suitable for chickens and other poultry
  • Easy to refill within the accommodation, thanks to hinged cover
  • Galvanized mounting bracket
  • Clean water at all times due to closed water system
  • Color-fast due to UV-resistant addition to PPC
  • Drinking cup functions by means of European quality stainless steel leak-free nipple, combined with yellow clapper
  • Frost resistant PPC plastic
  • Very easy to clean due to seamless design drinking cup



  • 3.30 x 3.40 x 7.20 inches