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Winterization: Heat Lamp With Safety Switch & Heated Waterers

Chickens do far better in the cold than you might imagine, but there are still a few simple but important things you must do to prepare your chickens for the winter. Implementing a reliable source of heat for your chickens when temperatures go too low and providing a heated waterer is essential.

The Dangers Of Using A Traditional Brooder Heat Lamps

If you've spent any time with chicken keepers, you've probably heard someone advise against using a traditional brooder heat light. There are numerous accounts of heat lamps collapsing and catching fire. For the simple reason of when not practicing safety protocols and that it emits infrared radiation, heat lamps have a significant likelihood of igniting a fire when they come into contact with flammable materials. 

Heat lamps are prone to sparking flames since the clamp holding them up can be easily broken. Due to the hazard traditional heat lamps can cause, Stromberg's now offers a safe alternative. Heat Lamp With Safety Switch.

Heat Lamp with Safety Switch is a 250 watt brooder bulb with an added bonus... you won't burn your house down! If this brooder lamp falls and hits the floor it will automatically turn off. 250 watt lamp holders are a known fire hazard and this model eliminates that problem. Sleep soundly knowing you have a safety switch on your brooders!

Winterization: Heat Lamp With Safety Switch & Heated Waterers

Why Is A Brooder Lamp Necessary?
When chicks are young and vulnerable to cold temperatures and drafts, they especially need to be kept warm. Having a chick heat light in your brooder can help to guarantee that the birds you are raising are content and healthy.

Without a brooder heat lamp, will chickens perish?

A chicken that is fully grown normally won't require a heat lamp, but young chickens require one. To stay happy and healthy, chicks need to be in a warm brooder with a heat source.

3.5 Gallon waterer w/ heater base

The Importance of Water for Your Flock

The needs of domesticated animals and birds alter over the winter, much as those of people. To survive the severe cold, they will need a good warm place to stay, food, and fresh, clean water that is not frozen. Water is essential for chicken digestion and egg production. 

Keep water available for your birds during freezing temperatures. Good heater for metal waterers, up to 5 gal. 3" high 16" diameter. Do not expose to rain, wind or snow. Designed to be used inside a coop or enclosure.

During the winter, water freezes if the temperature goes too low. While some animals can break ice using their breath, heated tongues, or beaks, these tools have their limitations. Dehydration can be a serious issue for your furry or feathered pets when temperatures drop, heated chicken waterers are one option and an easy way to provide your flock access to water. Here some examples of popular heated waterers you'll find on our site. 

The universal heater base an excellent heated base for poultry waterers or founts. It has an automatic thermostat that keeps water at 50-55 degrees perfect for your birds so they are not drinking water that is just above freezing. Which would cause them to use more energy because their body then not only has to keep warm but heat the cold water. It is great because it will fit any plastic or metal fount up to 5 gallons. 

Many fount heaters are not approved for plastic but this one is! Draws only 100 watts. 16" diameter, 4" high. 6 foot 3 wire grounded plug made from long-lasting galvanized metal. Do not expose to rain, wind or snow. Designed to be used inside a coop or enclosure otherwise, the draft can be too great for the heater to compensate for and your water can freeze.