Most Productive Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

The Most Productive Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

There are many reasons to start raising chickens in your own backyard, but one of the most popular perks is the farm-fresh eggs. A coop full of happy, healthy birds can provide you and your family with delicious and nutritious eggs throughout the season. A lot of different factors, including the type of chickens you own, influence how often your hens lay eggs. If you want the most productive egg-laying chicken breeds in your coop, check out these top choices.



With white feathers and red plumage, leghorns are the picture-perfect chicken breed. These birds originally came from a port in Italy and have been popular in the United States since the 1800s. The town of Petaluma, California, even has an Annual Egg Day to celebrate the successful egg industry they built with leghorn chickens. Leghorns tend to be nervous, flighty chickens, making them harder to tame. However, their ability to lay up to 300 white, medium-sized eggs per year more than makes up for their timid temperament.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red

One of the most famous laying breeds in the world, Rhode Island Reds have become farming staples because of their attractive color, easy-going temperament, and egg-laying ability. These birds are incredibly clever and hardy, making them a fun and easy bird to keep no matter what your experience level is. You can expect 250 to 300 brown, medium-sized eggs from Rhode Island Reds every year.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

People once considered these birds to be mongrel breeds, but the Plymouth Rock found favor through their friendly temperament and egg-laying ability. They can even lay throughout the winter, making them particularly valuable for farmers. Plymouth Rock chickens are quite easy to tame, and they enjoy a free-range environment. A healthy Plymouth Rock hen produces around 200 to 250 medium, light brown eggs a year.

No matter what breed you choose or why you start raising chickens, Stromberg’s is here to support your chicken-keeping journey. We’ve got live birds, chicken brooders, and anything else you might need to have a successful flock.

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Which of the most productive egg-laying chicken breeds is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “The Most Productive Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

  1. John R Quast

    I raise Golden Comet hens. Great producers of 330 med to lg brown eggs!

  2. Janice Beckett

    We have been raising Rhode Island Reds for about 7 years now..they do produce a large amount of eggs, they are pretty calm chickens & they do well in the winter months!! We love our Rhode Island Reds!!!


    I Like Your Selection….That Is The Most Common Breeds….But Now I’m Interested In Colored Egg Layers…What Are Your Best Pick On Them?????

  4. Sue Ellen Fox

    The Chicken Chick say the Australorp is the best egg layer.

  5. Mike Annis

    All of the above!!! Their personalities are of each their own. Its like choosing your favorite song!!!

  6. Rudolph Travers

    Can you provide information on fertilized eggs of dual purpose breeds for incubation operation?

  7. Steven Field

    Black Sexlink. Beautiful birds. Heaps of large brown eggs. Quiet and friendly.

  8. Ingrid Seibold

    I am happy to have this great company for great information & quality

  9. Thelma Garrison

    I read your article on “The Most Productive Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds” and I see that you left out the most productive, best brown egg layer there is. It is the Red Star Sex Link. I have raised these hens for over 30 years and have sold their eggs. One a client bought one dozen eggs, I knew they would be back as long as I had chickens. People came as far away as 75 miles to get eggs from me, not because the eggs were cheap as they weren’t, but because of the size of the eggs (jumbo cartons had to be used) and the eggs are so tasty. Just thought I’d let you know so you can check out the Red Star Sex Link production, feed conversion, etc.


    what happen to the leghorns variety that laid large eggs, that a lot of the commercials producers use these days

  11. Najem Al Mannai

    Need a suitably reliable breed for Qatar for my backyard that can produce whole year. Temperature range between 10 c – 48 c Per year.

  12. George Lloyd

    I had white Leghorns for several years and no doubt about it they are the egg laying champions as far as I am concerned. They were a bit high strung and flighty , but as long as the were kicking out the eggs at a consistent almost daily rate I was ok with that.
    I had Rhode Island Reds as well and although, not as prolific as the Leghorn they made up for that in personality and friendliness. They were always the first to great me in the morning and would at times jump on my shoulder to perch as I walked around the yard.
    Buff Orpingtons are good layers for me too. On a par with the RIR’s and just as friendly the Buffs preferred lap sitting over shoulder perching.
    My one slight disagreement with your article is both my Leghorns and RIR’s laid large to extra large eggs, certainly bigger than any medium egg I would get in the grocery.

  13. Nova Jackson


  14. Rolando M. Menez

    May I have their ability to lay eggs daily or how many eggs they Produce weekly.

  15. Surendranath

    Very good information for egg laying hens