Stainless Steel Plucker, Medium

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Stainless Steel Pluckers are your solution to fast and easy plucking! Get perfectly plucked birds every single time! These stainless-steel units are easy to transport with four wheels, including two wheels that lock. They also include vibration absorption to reduce rattling and shaking in the plucking process.


  • 3-4 Chickens plucked at a time
  • Made of 304 – food grade stainless-steel 
  • 136 Plucker Fingers
  • 1500W, 110V cord with plug
  • 2 Horse Power Motor
  • 1400R/min
  • Easy waterpoof on/off switch access on the side of the unit
  • Valve attachment on the side for female garden hose fitting
  • Water inlet and hose inside the drum helps flush feathers
  • Natural rubber fingers with a hardness of 50-55, perfect for plucking a variety of poultry


  • Drum Outer Diameter: 20.5”
  • Drum Inner Diameter: 14.5”
  • Plucker Depth: 17”


  • 22.90 x 25.00 x 43.80 inches