Prozap® Garden & Poultry Dust

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Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust 2-Pounds each. Mites, ticks, and lice can be detrimental to poultry. Proper methods of prevention are needed to maintain a healthy stock. The Prozap Garden and Poultry Dust is a perfect dust that contains a substance that controls the northern fowl mite, chicken mites, lice, and bedbugs, all of which can be found on the bird or in poultry houses. The Prozap Garden and Poultry Dust can be used on all type of fowl. It contains 0.25% of Permethrin used to control the pests. The bottle is 2 pounds and can be applied to the birds directly or on the bedding. One pound of the dust treats 100 birds. If treating an area such as a poultry house, 5 pounds of dust treats 1,000 square feet of area.


  • 3.00 x 3.10 x 8.70 inches
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