Angry Rooster High Intensity Egg Candler

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This high intensity candler will work great for your candling needs. It will candle both white and brown eggs and will even candle those hard to see through dark brown eggs with ease. It comes with two rubber adapters. One for regular sized chicken eggs and a smaller adapter for quail eggs. It also comes with a handy stand so you can stand the candler straight up when you are using. This candler has a cord that you will use when you are recharging the unit. Once fully charged the candler has enough battery power to last 20- hours continuously on. It even has a outlet so that you can charge other items such as a cell phone off of the battery. Works as a very powerful flashlight when you aren't using it for candling. Since the candler uses LED lights it will stay cool during your candling.

What comes with the unit

- Candler
- One Regular Sized Rubber Egg Candling Ring
- One Quail Sized Rubber Egg Candling Rink
- One Candler Stand
- One Recharging Cord With Plug in


  • 1.70 x 5.60 x 9.30 inches