Class Room Starter Kit

Product No. CSK


This kit would be great for the class room or anyone wanting to get all of the essentials to successfully incubate and brood baby chicks. It comes with Brinsea's Mini Advance incubator which will give a digital read out of both humidity and temperature, automatically turn the eggs while providing great viewing. The candler included is the OVA Scope High intensity, which will candle dark colored eggs and will work in a fully lit room! The brooder included is the EcoGlow, which will brood up to twenty chicks and comes with an enclosure to ensure your chicks stay close to the brooder and remain warm(a brooder thermometer comes along so you can check the temp). It also comes with a baby chick fount, feeder and a vitamin pack to be sure your chicks get off to a healthy start.

Kit Includes: Mini Advance Incubator, Ova Scope High Intensity Candler, EcoGlow Brooder 20 Chick Brooder, Brooder Panels from Brinsea, ABC of Poultry Raising, Guide to Better Hatching, Vitamins and Electrolytes, Brooder Thermometer, 806 Chick Feeder, No Drown Fount and 2 Large Plastic Jars