Skunkinator Trap

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Safeguard your chickens from nocturnal predators with the Skunkinator from Stromberg's Chickens. This innovative trap is your frontline defense against skunks, ensuring your birds remain safe and secure.

Automatic Catch Design

The Skunkinator is engineered with an automatic catch design that efficiently traps skunks without the risk of spraying, a common issue with foot traps. This smart mechanism is sensitive and effective, ensuring that it's securely contained once the skunk enters the trap. With the Skunkinator, trapping skunks becomes a worry-free task.

Built-In Bait Box

Our Skunkinator comes with an inside bait box, allowing you to bait perfectly and attract skunks directly into the trap. This feature increases the efficacy of the trap and minimizes the effort required to set it up. The bait box is easy to access and simple to use, making the Skunkinator an ideal solution for any poultry keeper.

Easy Release Mechanism

The Skunkinator trap is not just about trapping; it also features an easy release mechanism. This aspect of the design allows for the safe and humane removal of the trapped skunk. You can release the animal at a location of your choice, far away from your chickens, without coming into close contact or risking being sprayed.