Quick Fill Cardboard Transport Crate, Pack of 5

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Never wash a crate again!  

Use this box around your poultry farm to transport gamebirds and chickens. These work great when you want to send your customers with your birds but don’t want to bring back and wash plastic crates. This is a great biosecurity measure and a time saver. A quick fill door means you can load the birds fast without losing birds. The second door opens easily and fully so you can quickly get the birds out of the box when needed. Stores flat so you can have them on hand.  Made of one piece so it is easy to assemble and it is durable. For extra durability add the waxed bottom PP172 insert to increase the floor stiffness. Biodegradable. No need for tape or staples to construct.

Dimensions – 23” L X 15” W X 9.5” H

Quick Fill Door Dimensions – 10” X 5.75”

Pheasant and Chicken Transport Box


  • 1.80 x 25.20 x 38.90 inches