Positive/Negative Electric Fencing 48" H x 164' L

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This Electric Netting is the perfect size for poultry, rabbits, dogs or other small animals. With double spike step-in posts built into the netting and vertical lines every 3.5 inches, it is fast and easy to install. The vertical stays are made with semi-rigid material to provide stability and help prevent sagging, while graduated horizontal line spacing provides extra protection at bottom of the fence. The stainless steel conductors are more durable than copper conductor nets. These nets are ideal for dry regions or for ultimate control. In this system the animal completes the circuit through the net. This greatly improves performance of the fence in poor grounding conditions.

  • 48” tall 164’ long
  • Reliable in areas with dryer soil
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Design helps prevent sagging
  • Double-spike step-in posts
  • Pairs well with solar energizers


  • 8.80 x 8.90 x 55.40 inches