Zyfend® A Chicken Dewormer 30 ml

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Zyfend® targets parasitic worms with a potent blend of essential oils, safeguarding your backyard chickens from the dangers of intestinal parasites such as cecal worms and capillary worms. Formulated to disrupt the lifecycle of worm eggs before they can mature, Zyfend® ensures your chickens enjoy a healthy, parasite-free life.

Combat Worms Naturally

By incorporating essential oils known for their anti-parasitic properties, Zyfend® offers a natural solution to control worms without the use of harsh chemicals. This natural approach helps prevent worm infestation, ensuring that your chicken eats its feed without the risk of consuming worms or facing the health issues they cause, like decreased egg production.

Safe and Effective

Zyfend®'s all-natural formula is safe for chickens at all life stages, meaning there's no need to worry about withdrawal times—you can continue eating eggs without interruption. It's an ideal addition to your feed, promoting healthy chickens and combating worming chickens' challenges effectively.

Supporting Overall Chicken Health

Beyond targeting parasites, Zyfend® supports your feathered friends’ health by enhancing the immune system and promoting better nutrient absorption from chicken feed. Adding apple cider vinegar to your poultry care routine alongside Zyfend® can further aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system, ensuring your flock is resilient against parasites and other threats.


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