Collapsible Brooder Pen Animal Pen With Gate

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Stromberg’s Chickens offers a collapsible brooder pen that comes fitted with a sturdy gate to keep your birds inside and predators outside. It’s an excellent provisional brooder for holding animals or meat birds anticipating processing.

This durable collapsible pen also works great as a movable meat bird pen to fertilize the yard while giving natural food. This animal pen is made from powder-coated metal and is built to last.


  • Open at the top
  • Stands 3 feet tall and 18 feet long 
  • Makes a circle up to 6 feet across
  • Space efficient when not in use
  • Features a small door for safety, security, and easy access
  • Made from powder-coated metal 

Your chickens deserve some room to move around. You can use this chicken pen with chicken covers for stubborn birds.

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  • 1.90 x 27.00 x 37.80 inches