Pressure Reducing Valve

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Our water pressure reducing valve is a versatile addition to any small or large-scale poultry hydration system. Whether it's a cozy system of 1-2 cups or a comprehensive setup supporting 1,500 quail, this pressure reducing valve is designed to deliver.

It precisely supplies 5 lb. of water pressure to drinking cups, ensuring your poultry stays hydrated efficiently.

Unmatched Convenience

As water pressure is a critical factor for a reliable plumbing system, our pressure reducing valves make adjustment effortless. It includes 5/16'' and 1/4'' hose barbs and a 2ft hose with a connector, ready to fit your system. 

The valve is strategically designed to be placed at least one foot above the cups for optimal water pressure, giving your poultry an uninterrupted water supply.

Get the Pressure Reducing Valve You Need 

With an included pressure gauge, you can keep a check on water pressure, ensuring the valve works at its best capacity. The installation and maintenance of the water pressure reducing valve is made easy with our straightforward guide. 

Boost the efficiency of your poultry hydration system today with Stromberg’s Chickens.