Turkey Crate

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Our turkey transport crates are constructed of robust, heavy-duty plastic to ensure the safe transportation of your turkeys. These turkey crates can securely hold 4 or more turkeys, depending on their weight and the climate.

The design is thoughtful, incorporating an open grated style bottom for ease and hygiene. The turkey crate features a sliding top door for simple loading and a swinging door at the end for comfortable access. This dual-door feature adds value to the transport crate by providing multiple access points.

Perfect Dimensions for Your Birds

The outside dimensions of the turkey crate are 38" x 22" x 16" H. These dimensions are meticulously calculated to offer ample space for your turkeys during transportation, ensuring they remain comfortable and calm. 

Assembly of this transport crate is required, but it's a straightforward process. The dimensions and assembly details are provided, making it a breeze to put together.

Get Your Turkey Crate Today

When it comes to safely transporting turkeys, our heavy-duty plastic turkey crate is your go-to choice. Let Stromberg’s Chickens provide the reliable transport crate your turkeys need. 

Experience convenience and peace of mind today with our top door and versatile turkey crate.