Small Turkey/ Large Chicken Heat Shrink Bags 14" x 24"

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Ideal for 12-20 pounds of poultry. Bag size dimensions: 14" X 24". These great heat shrink bags are the perfect addition to your processing operation to add a level of professionalism and ease to your poultry operation. With three sizes available we can be sure to have the right fit for your birds. BPA Free plastic. Bags are Kohser certified. 

To use these heat shrink bags:

  1. Heat large pot of water to 180º - large enough for bird and water displacement.
  2. Place bird in bag.
  3. Try to remove as much air as possible then spin bag and tie off with zip tie or hog rings.
  4. Place a ¼" cut in bag by the breast bone.
  5. Place in water for 2-3 seconds and quickly remove from water.
  6. Pat the bag dry with a towel.
  7. Place a label over hole or use packing tape.
  8. Then refrigerate 3-7 days or freeze up to 6-9 months.