Large Turkey Heat Shrink Bags 18" x 32"

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Find the turkey bags you need for your farm here at our store! Stromberg's Chickens provides everything to make your poultry processing as professional and straightforward as possible.

High-Quality Turkey Shrink Bags

Our turkey shrink bags are the best in the market, designed to fit 25-30 pounds of poultry snugly. With 18" X 32" dimensions, these bags promise both size compatibility and robustness. We offer three bag sizes, ensuring the right fit for every turkey.

Safety and Certification

Prioritize your health with our BPA-free turkey shrink bags. The safety of our customers and their poultry is paramount, which is why our bags are not only BPA-free but also Kosher-certified. Trust in our commercial quality shrink bags to bring the best to your table.

Easy-to-Follow Process

Using our poultry shrink bags is simple! Consider the following steps below:

  1. Heat water to 180º, ensuring ample space for the turkey and water displacement.
  2. Place the turkey in the bag, expel as much air as you can, and seal it using a zip tie or hog rings.
  3. Make a ¼" cut near the breast bone, submerge the turkey in the heated water for a few seconds, and pat dry.
  4. Seal the cut with a label or packing tape.

Your turkey is now ready to be refrigerated or frozen.


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    Bigger than advertised

    by William Strope on Oct 22, 2023

    These bags are advertised for up to 30 lb turkeys. Just processed 4 Tom Turkeys. Smallest dressed out 36 lbs and biggest 44 lbs. Was able to squeeze all 4 into these bags. Just make sure the skin is wet to lubricate. Made a stand out of 2” pvc pipe to set turkey on. Don’t think I could have forced these birds into bags without the stand.