Splash Silkie Bantam Chicks, Not Sexed


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Splash Silkies are a standout among other breeds, celebrated for their unique, eye-catching pale blue plumage “splashed” with darker blue and black patches. These Silkie Bantam chickens, known for their fluffy appearance and gentle demeanor, make a perfect addition to any backyard flock.

Splash Silkies have a calm and friendly nature that sets them apart from other chickens. These chickens, especially Silkie hens, are known for their motherly instincts, often seen brooding over their chicks or even eggs from different chicken breeds. Their feathered legs add an extra layer of elegance to their already charming appearance.

Adaptable Companions

A Splash Silkie thrives in various settings, making them ideal for families or enthusiasts looking to diversify their flock. Despite their ornamental appeal, the Splash Silkie, like all Silkie Bantam chickens, is hardy and can adapt well to both free-ranging and confined spaces.

From baby chicks to full-grown chickens, raising Splash Silkie baby chicks offers a uniquely rewarding experience. The Silkies’ docility and distinctive looks make every day with them a delight, whether you're a seasoned poultry keeper or new to raising chickens.

Purpose: Ornamental, exhibition

Egg Production: Good

Egg Shell Color: Cream or tinted

Egg Size: Small

Temperament: Docile

Broody: Setters

Weight: Male 36 oz., Female 32 oz.

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    Splash Silkie Chicks

    by Kari on Mar 09, 2024

    I absolutely love my sweet little silkies. They arrived well packaged with tips for care and electrolytes supplement for nourishment packaged in the label.