Silver Sebright Bantam Chicks, Not Sexed

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At Stromberg’s, we offer the Silver Sebright bantam chicks—each one recognized as a true bantam and is known for their “hen-feathered” miniature stature. These largely ornamental chickens are celebrated for their striking silver sebright plumage, making them a top choice among bantam breeds for exhibition.

Purpose: Ornamental, Exhibition

Egg Production: Fair

Egg Shell Color: Cream or Tinted

Egg Size: Small

Temperament: Docile/Flighty

Broody: Non Setters

Weight: Female-20 oz., Male-22 oz.

Adaptable and Manageable

These Silver Sebright bantams are known for a docile yet alert temperament. Silver sebrights are non-setters, and each miniature bird appeals to both novices and seasoned poultry enthusiasts alike, underlining their adaptability within various settings.

Egg Production and Care

Though known as a largely ornamental chicken, these Sebright Bantam Chicks offer fair egg production. These Sebright bantams lay small cream or tinted eggs, requiring standard care like most bantams, making them a practical addition for those seeking both beauty and utility in their flocks.

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