Gold Laced Polish Chicks, Not Sexed


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Stromberg's is proud to offer the Gold-Laced Polish chicks, a breed that stands out for its beauty and heritage. Originating from the lowlands of Spain, these chickens feature a distinctive v-shaped comb and clean legs, highlighted by their golden laced feathers, which make them a jewel among Polish chickens.

The Golden-Laced Polish chicken is renowned for its spectacular crest, with both bearded and non-bearded varieties. This Polish breed captures attention with its ornate feather patterns, combining elegance with the vibrant history of Polish chickens. Despite their ornamental nature, they adapt well, adding flair and diversity to any backyard flock.

Golden-Laced Polish Baby Chicks Care

Gold-Laced Polish chicks require careful attention. In colder climates, adult chickens may accumulate ice on their crests after drinking water. Though not the hardiest in terms of egg-laying, their visual appeal and charming disposition more than compensate, making them beloved by enthusiasts of distinctive chicken breeds.

Purpose: Egg layer, exhibition

Egg Production: Good

Egg Shell Color: White

Egg Size: Medium

Temperament: Docile/Flighty

Broody: Non-setter

Weight: Female 4.5 lbs., Male 6 lbs.

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    Gold Laced Polish Chicks

    by Walt and Lynn Cannon on May 22, 2023

    These are very beautiful, fun, playful chicks, we got these 3 weeks ago, all are fine, BUT, be very aware to check their bottoms very often for the first 2 WEEKS, they will become constipated often and you will need untreated tissue or soft toilet paper and warm water, you will have to very gently soften and remove the poo with warm water and tissue, a small spray bottle of warm water helps too, without assistance when this happens they may perish. Also do not let baby chicks get too hot, if they lie down and are panting, its too hot, our chicks do well at 70 to 80 degrees, room temperature. These chicks are worth the extra care, hope this helps. don't forget chick grit as well