Standard Japanese Coturnix Quail Chicks, Not Sexed

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Standard Japanese Coturnix Quail are the perfect addition to your backyard flock! Due to their small size, Coturnix Quail require much less space than when raising chickens, and a quail pen can easily be setup in the backyard or on a deck. Despite their small stature, female Coturnix Quail are excellent egg layers. Female Coturnix are just as prolific an egg layer as their chicken counterparts, producing a rich and flavorful egg! Adult birds grow to be 10-12 oz. Sold as assorted variety only.

Benefits of adding Coturnix Quail to your flock:

  • Easy to raise, beginner friendly
  • Require little space
  • Excellent egg producers
  • Flavor-packed eggs

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Caring for Your Quail Chicks:

It is important to remember your quail chicks will be very small. This means they can
easily drown in a standard chick waterer, Only use waterers made specifically for quail
chicks or a nipple waterer.

0 - 3 Weeks:

Temperature - Your quail chicks will need a brooder or heat lamp. The heat directly beneath
the brooder/lamp should be 100°F while the surrounding area should be 95°F. Maintain this
temperature for their first 7 days, while dropping 1-degree Fahrenheit each day after as long as
chicks show healthiness.

Nutritional Needs - Young quail chicks need a 28% Game bird or Turkey Starter with
Amprolium. This feed must be in small enough crumbles that the quail chicks can easily
consume. A food processor may be used to grind the feed into smaller crumbles. Do NOT feed
your quails chicken feed!

3 - 6 Weeks:

Temperature - Once your quail have mostly feathered out, their brooder/heat lamp may be
removed. Your quail will still need to be kept at around 70 - 75°F at first. Drop the temperature
1-2 degrees daily until you have reached the temperature of where the birds will be permanently

Nutritional Needs - At this stage in your quails development, they will need access to a 22%
game bird grower feed. Again, make sure the crumble or pellets are small enough for your birds
to properly consume. Do NOT feed your quails chicken feed!

6+ Weeks:

Light for Egg Production - At 6-8 weeks of age your female Coturnix Quail will begin laying
eggs. Your birds should have access to ample light, whether natural or artificial, to promote egg

Meat Production - Males Coturnix Quail are excellent for meat production. Males can be
processed at 8 weeks of age.

Nutritional Needs - Maintain your quail’s health with a diet of 19-21% Breeder or Grower
Maintenance Feed. Regular crumble or mini-pellets are acceptable as long as the feed is small
enough for your quail to consume. Do NOT feed your quails chicken feed!

Space Required - If raising an all female flock, make sure to have at least 46 square inches per
bird. If raising a breeding flock, birds will require 64 square inches per bird.


Coturnic Quail Care Sheet

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Coturnix Quail from Stromberg's are an easy to raise, egg laying bird.
Coturnix Quail Care Sheet