White Crested Ducklings

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Stromberg’s proudly offers a wide variety of live birds, including the white crested ducklings, a classic breed often used for both their eggs and meat. They are easily recognizable by the distinctive crest located on their heads, a pouf of feathers that gives them a cute and distinguished look.

Available in unsexed, male, or female options, white crested ducklings cater to various needs, whether for breeding, showing, or simply as backyard pets.

Characteristics of the White Crested Ducks

Beyond their unique appearance, white crested ducks are known for their hardiness and adaptability. They thrive in different environments and integrate well into any existing flock. They possess a friendly disposition, making them suitable for families and interactive backyard flocks. This duck breed is also known for being good foragers.

The eggs of white crested ducks are of good size, with each one weighing around 80–90 grams, and they have a decent laying rate, about 100–120 a year. As meat birds, they are appreciated for the quality of their meat, offering a dual-purpose option for small farms and homesteads.

Get white crested ducklings from Stromberg’s today—bring beauty to your yard and enjoy their meat and eggs.

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