Silver Appleyard Ducklings

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The Silver Appleyard Duck is a premier choice among duck breeds because of their prolific egg-laying prowess and tasty meat. This breed offers substantial value for breeders and poultry enthusiasts looking for dual-purpose utility.

Dual-Purpose Utility

The Silver Appleyard duckling matures not just into a productive egg layer but also into a heavyweight duck. If you are looking to increase your meat and egg production, these birds can surely impress.

The Silver Appleyard breed is also known to hatch and raise its own. This trait makes it a self-sustaining and manageable member of your flock.

Self-Sustaining and Manageable

Silver Appleyards are known for their active foraging behavior, making them highly desirable for breeders and poultry enthusiasts who want more natural and self-sustaining environments.

Their ability to forage can help reduce feed costs and make them easier to integrate into a small farm ecosystem. The active temperament of Silver Appleyard ducks can also add energy and life to your flock.

Silver Appleyard Duckling Highlights

  • Egg Production: 100-180 eggs per year
  • Egg Color: Creamy White, Off White
  • Availability: As live chicks or eggs

Value and Vitality in One

The Silver Appleyard ducklings from Stromberg’s Chickens have excellent egg-laying capacity and sumptuous meat quality. They are also active and environmentally integrated. The combination of value and vitality make these beautiful ducks great additions to any poultry operation.

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