Black Runner Ducklings

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Dive into the world of black runner ducklings by shopping for your birds at Stromberg's Chickens. We offer this delightful breed hailing from the vibrant regions of Southeast Asia.

Characteristics of Black Runner Ducks

The black runner ducks are a treat for the eyes and remarkable for their performance. As productive egg-laying ducks, they are recognized for high egg production, consistently gifting you with pristine white duck eggs. These birds are lightweight, with females weighing around 4 lb and males slightly more at 4.5 lb, making them nimble yet sturdy companions.

Natural Foragers & Efficient Feeders

Black runner ducks are incredible foragers, constantly on the lookout for their next meal. This innate trait doesn't just keep them busy and lively but also promotes efficient feed utilization. Their ability to make the most of what they consume only further cement their position as one of the top choices for egg production.

Choose Your Preferred Type

We understand the importance of variety. Therefore, we offer black runner ducklings in multiple options, ensuring you find your perfect match.

Whether you prefer them not sexed, male, or female, we've got you covered. Remember, a minimum of 2 ducklings is required per order.

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