White Plymouth Rock Chicks

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This single-comb, clean-legged variety of birds lays between 200 and 280 large brown eggs per year. It also features an advantageous growth rate that makes it an excellent meat bird.

Its snowy white feathers show that white rocks and their fluffy nature provide cold hardiness, while its friendly disposition makes it an ideal pet. This typically docile setter grows to about 7.5 pounds for females and 9.5 pounds for males.

Purpose: Dual
Egg Production: up to 280 eggs per year
Egg Shell Color: Brown
Egg Size: Large-Large
Temperament: Docile, Friendly, & Adaptable
Broody: Infrequent
Weight: Female – 7.5 lb

Our white rock chicken selection may vary in color slightly. Stromberg’s Chickens offers these birds in groupings of the following:

  • Not Sexed
  • Male
  • Female

We sell white rock baby chicks and eggs. If you order live chickens, we ship the animals as soon as they hatch.

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Availability Information

  • These products being sold are live chicks or eggs.
  • Our live chicks are shipped as soon as they are hatched.
  • Availability of this item does not mean it ships immediately.
  • This means that we are still taking orders for the season and that your order will be placed in line for the next available shipment.
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