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At Stromberg's Chickens, we proudly introduce our Cinnamon Queen chicks category, tailored for enthusiasts like you who value quality and excellence in backyard chickens.

Unrivaled Characteristics

Cinnamon Queens are a product of meticulous hybrid breeding, resulting in chickens known for their fast body development and excellent egg production. Notably, they begin laying brown eggs at a younger age than most heritage breeds.

Cinnamon Queen hens grace their owners with large brown eggs, encapsulating the essence of nature in their shell. These eggs aren’t just any brown eggs; they reflect a rich cinnamon color, akin to the beauty of dawn.

Appearance and Identification

One fascinating feature of Cinnamon Queen chickens is their color sexability during their first generation. While cockerel chicks exhibit a pure white hue, pullet chicks captivate with a more brownish-red shade. As these cinnamon queen chickens mature, the hens bear brownish and white feathers, while the roosters range from entirely white to a blend with red shoulder feathers. This mesmerizing color palette mirrors the diversity and beauty inherent in nature.

A Legacy of Excellence

The lineage of the Cinnamon Queen chicken goes back to a unique blend of the Rhode Island Red male and the Rhode Island White female. Resembling the ISA Brown bloodline closely, Cinnamon Queens shine in their performance, especially as top-tier egg layers for farm use.

  • Purpose: Egg layer
  • Egg Production: 250-320 eggs per year
  • Egg Shell Color: Light Brown
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Temperament: Active
  • Broody: Variable
  • Weight: Male - 8-9 lb, Female - 6-7

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