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Get started into the world of the Black Jersey Giant, a single comb, clean-legged chicken breed that finds its origins right here in the U.S. As avid enthusiasts of all chicken breeds, we at Stromberg's Chickens are proud to introduce you to this exceptional variety.

Characteristics of the Black Jersey Giant

Known for their impressively large body size, the Black Jersey Giant chickens mature slowly but are worth the wait. Donning a striking black plumage, these birds not only look regal but are also cold-hardy. Their calm and docile temperament makes them a joy to rear, whether you're a novice or a seasoned poultry keeper.

Dual-Purpose Excellence

These aren't just your ordinary meat birds. Jersey Giant chickens are dual-purpose, meaning they're fantastic meat birds and prolific layers too. Females, weighing in at a robust 10 lbs, are known to lay brown eggs, averaging between 180-260 eggs annually. And speaking of those eggs, anticipate a delightful brown egg size that's medium and perfect for your kitchen endeavors.

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When you choose Stromberg's Chickens, you're opting for quality. Our Black Jersey Giant chickens are available as live chicks or eggs. Though the availability indicates we have them, it doesn't mean immediate shipment. Instead, it signifies we're accepting orders for the season. Don't fret; once your order is ready, we'll ping you with the shipment date. And remember, nature has its palette, so color variation is natural and may vary.

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