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Splash Ameraucana

At Stromberg's Chickens, our Splash Ameraucana chicks are the pride and joy of our poultry selection. With their unique characteristics and enticing appearance, they're a must-have for poultry enthusiasts and homesteaders.

Exceptional Breed Features

These Splash Ameraucana baby chicks are known for their striking random splashes on their primarily white birds. As part of the Splash Ameraucanas breed, they exhibit a delightful temperament. While active and a tad flighty, these chicks mature into beautiful birds, with males weighing around 6.5 lb and females about 5.5 lb.

Egg Production and Characteristics

When it comes to egg production, this breed doesn’t disappoint. Annually, they yield 180-200 medium-large eggs, primarily blue with some green variations. Despite their vibrant egg colors, they're mainly non-setters, focusing on their role as an egg layer.

Ordering & Availability

Our live chicks are shipped promptly post-hatching. However, availability doesn’t always mean immediate shipment. When you choose our Splash Ameraucana chicks, know that your order is queued for the next available shipment. We keep you informed every step of the way–expect an email notifying you of your shipment date. And remember, color variation may vary, adding to the uniqueness of each batch.

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